Queen Lulu is a wingless monkey from the Dorothy must die series. Lulu is of queen of both winged and wingless monkeys. She raised Princess Ozma as an infant and began feeling like she was a real daughter to her. In the sequel to Dorothy must die: The Wicked will rise, Lulu explained to Amy how much she cared about Ozma and just wanted to say goodbye to her before they left her Queendom in search for Polychrome. In the third book of the Dorothy Must Die series: Yellow brick war, just when Amy thinks they have lost the fight between Glinda's and Dorothy's armies, Lulu arrives with her army of winged and wingless monkeys and attacks making the fight easier for them. All Amy had to do was take down Toto.

Lulu wears a pink tutu and sunglasses. She is very a determined queen and just wants the job to get done.