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Dustin is Madison Pendleton's ex-boyfriend and the father of their son, Dustin Jr. In Yellow Brick War, he and Madison work as accomplices of Amy Gumm in finding Dorothy's silver shoes at their high school. It is stated that he was once part of their school's football team. However, it is not clear if the school kicked him out because he had impregnated a girl or if he had left on his own choice. He is not seen again after Amy returns to Oz.

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Dustin is mentioned to have blonde hair. He also has a relatively muscular figure from being in the football team.

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Dustin has shown to be rather nice to Amy in the first book, although it is unclear whether it was genuine kindness or if it was only in the intention that she would continue doing his homework. He genuinely cares for Madison as seen in Yellow Brick War when he allowed her to stay at his house after she had been dis-owned by her parents. He also seems to care about Amy in Yellow Brick War when he insisted on helping her and Nox against the Nome King instead of calling the police like what Amy had told him.

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Madison Pendleton Edit

Madison Pendleton is his ex-girlfriend and currently the mother of his child. They have been having an ongoing relationship, but in Yellow Brick War, it is stated that they broke up somewhere after the child was born. However, Madison and Dustin are shown to still care for each other in a non-romantic way. He and Madison both openly show their love for their son, Dustin Jr.

Dustin Jr. Edit

Dustin Jr. is the son of Dustin and Madison Pendleton. Dustin openly cares for his son.

Amy Gumm Edit

Amy Gumm is Dustin's previous tutor. Although she denied it in Dorothy Must Die, it is stated in Yellow Brick War that she had previously been attracted to him because of his physique. In Yellow Brick War, he and Madison had helped Amy find Dorothy's silver shoes, although they were unaware of it at the time.